The Mastery School is led by an eight-member board of directors, which includes a parent and a teacher representative. The board meets monthly to provide oversight and governance to the school and contracts with the Harvest Network of Schools charter management organization to provide administrative and academic support to The Mastery School. 

**The Mastery School Board is hosting a meeting with TenSqaure on Monday March 19th from 6:00-7:30pm in the Student Commons (1300 Olson Memorial Highway Minneapolis, MN 55411).**

The next regular board meeting is Thursday, March 29th at 5:15pm in room 103 (1300 Olson Memorial Highway Minneapolis, MN 55411).

**There will be a special board meeting Wednesday, April 4th at 5:30pm in the Mastery School Library (4021 Thomas Avenue North  Minneapolis, MN 55412).**

Renisha Gray
Parent, The Mastery School
2-Year Term: June 2019

Margie Soran, Chair
Soran Foundation
2-Year Term: June 2019

Rochelle Hayes
Community Member, Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement
2-Year Term: June 2019

David O. Milton, Treasurer
Professor, CFO, Former Finance Leader of IGP Energy, Cargill, and Johnson Controls, Inc.
2-Year Term: June 2019

Nick Robinson
Community Member, Campus Director at Brightmont Academy
September 2017- May2018

Terrence Price, Secretary
Teacher, The Mastery School
2-Year Term: June 2019

Brian Bell
Chief Revenue Officer, Sports Engineer
2-Year Term: July 2019

Abdul Wright
Parent, The Mastery School
September 2017- May 2018