At Mastery, we are working to build strong foundations to help students in north Minneapolis graduate from high school, go on to graduate college, and successfully transition to a career. We use a “gap-closing” educational framework and our scholars spend 25% more time in school than students at a typical Minnesota public school.

An Academic Day at Mastery

The academic day at Mastery school focuses on ensuring our scholars are academically on track and have opportunities for enrichment. An academic day consists of:

  • Writing

  • Mathematics

  • Social Studies

  • Character Education

  • Reading

  • Science

  • Computers or Gym

Interim Assessments are implemented regularly and results used to brainstorm how to better support scholars' learning. 

Click here for our assessment calendar.

Our Academic Model

Mastery School improves academic achievement and exceeds academic performance of low-income and socially-disadvantaged students in existing public schools in Minneapolis through:

  • a high-expectations/no excuses culture

  • a rigorous curriculum

  • highly-qualified, effective teachers

  • great principals and diverse leadership team

  • eight-hour school day

  • an extended school year


Click here for our Literacy Plan.