The Mastery School provides bus service for scholars within the transportation zone. To request transportation for your scholar(s), please contact LaToya Neal at or at 612-558-7794. 

Bus Transportation & Dismissal

All scholars (including those designated as walkers, will be dismissed by 3:45 p.m. 

Parents/guardians are required to contact the school by 11 a.m. to make any changes in mode of transportation for their child. If a call does not occur before 11 a.m., the scholar will be dismissed utilizing the mode of transportation previously established by the parent.  

 Bus Riders

Scholars will be escorted to the dismissal area by designated staff and dismissed according to their bus number. For the safety of your child we ask that parents/guardians please not pick up their child while s/he is boarding the bus. If you need your child to get off the bus, please go to the main office where someone will contact the bus monitor, and your child will be escorted back into the building for pick-up. Our current transportation provider is Minnehaha Transportation.

Poor Bus Behavior

Bus drivers must focus on the road to make sure all scholars arrive at school and home safely. On the bus, scholars must remain in their seats, talk quietly, and follow all directions given by the bus driver. Scholars who behave poorly on the bus compromise the safety of themselves and others. We treat the bus as an extension of the school. As such, we expect our scholars to behave on the bus the same way they behave at school. Poor bus behavior may result in demerits, suspension, or termination of transportation services. If your child is suspended from the bus it will be the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to arrange for alternative transportation. 

For complete Mastery School transportation policies, please see our latest Parent and Scholar Code of Conduct.